Accelerator Days: A 3-day Supply Chain Training Program

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In 3 consecutive days, we will:
• expand your knowledge on various planning challenges such as demand, inventory and supply planning
• get an understanding on how they interact & what you can do to harmonize them
• gain new insights & boost your S&OP maturity – and more
• sharpen your vision during peer-to-peer and cross-industry discussions
• challenge yourself to look beyond your own role & responsibilities
• gather working points to enable further alignment in your supply chain processes
• connect to fellow supply chain professionals by sharing best practices and joining in-teractive discussions
• play a few rounds of a value chain simulation game (The Fresh/Cool Connection) devel-oped by Inchainge

In a mix of theory, plenary and group discussions, exercises, thought provokers, a business game and some serious fun, we will guide you through the Accelerator Days journey and cover the following topics:

Day 1. Dynamics in the Supply Chain – Preparing the Foundations
Morning: Supply Chain Triangle Dynamics and Introduction to S&OP
• Discover the dynamics in managing supply chains
• Understand the tension and balance between service, cost and cash
• Get introduced to S&OP as being the supporting process to bring balance in the triangle by enabling cross-functional decision making
Afternoon: Understanding and Planning Demand
• Discover and discuss drivers for demand
• Understand how quantitative and qualitative approaches can work in unison
• Learn demand planning process best practices, and reflect on steps to take to make this a true cornerstone of the S&OP process

Day 2. Supporting the Company – Supply Chain as the Backbone
Morning: Understanding and Planning Inventory
• Discover the different purposes of inventory
• Understand the different replenishment methods that are available
• Translate to inventory targets and see how planning and managing these is a key enabler for balancing the supply chain triangle
Afternoon: Understanding and Planning Supply
• Discover the different planning levels and horizons and their functions
• Understand how to account for complexity and constraints in the supply plan
• See how crucial it is to link and combine the different planning levels to provide the right information on the right level on the right moment

Day 3. Implementing and Maturing – From S&OP over IBP towards Strategy-Driven S&OP
Morning: Bringing it together with Executive S&OP
• Discover the challenges in turning S&OP into a real decision-making process
• Understand how segmentation will help in keeping the right focus
• Disclose gaps in your current S&OP organization and find ways to the process so it becomes a heartbeat at the center of the organization
Afternoon: Towards Strategy-Driven S&OP by Integrating Finance and Strategy
• Discover how market strategy links with supply chain
• Understand the importance of alignment with finance and financial targets
• Find the means to build the bridges between finance, strategy and supply chain and to move supply chain from the backroom to the boardroom

Obviously, the Accelerator Days target professionals involved in the planning processes of the supply chain. However, we strongly recommend the participation of anyone with responsibili-ties in any domain that is affected by or involved in managing the Supply Chain Triangle. So, are you from demand planning, customer service, procurement, sales, inventory management, hu-man resources, manufacturing, IT and systems integrations, or other, and do you carry a re-sponsibility in guiding the business in the right direction, we will be glad to reserve a seat for you. And while you’re at it: why don’t you bring along some colleagues and come with your own cross-functional team?

• a prerequisite for the participants is that they are familiar with most of the basic supply chain concepts; we’ll provide some preparation material upfront to all attendees for those who are still very new to the subject
• a commitment to engage with us and the other participants during all of the 3 days
• each day a business game will be played which requires a laptop or tablet with a big enough screen (also for some of the exercises a laptop/tablet is mandatory)