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On this page, our Procurement Ambassador will be chosen. But we hear you think: why this election of an ambassador?

Well, every year VIB and Pascion award the title of Procurement Ambassador of the Year to a passionate and experienced procurement professional, who is innovative and socially active; who maintains strong relationships both with internal and external stakeholders; who creates extra value for his company and for the greater impact and development of the procurement confession.
The winner will be the candidate that is believed to be most suitable in promoting the procurement function, through his passionate and professional attitude; a true Ambassador of the Procurement Profession. The winner is announced during the Procurement Award Event.

The election itself goes as followed:

  • 50% of the quotation comes from our jury
  • 25% of the quotation is given online on this page
  • 25% of the quotation happens live by our audience

Meet our two contestants for the award:

Peter De Meester

Peter De Meester

Procurement really is the best job in the world.

We are at the center of the most critical business equation, the relationship between a vendor and his client. Two partners who seemingly have conflicting objectives but at the core are interested only in sustainable profit and success. As procurement professionals we help both achieve their goals. That is a great position to be in! Make sure you live up to it.

 My pledge to you is to help pave the way to full recognition of our potential, the key roles we play in our respective organizations and to support you in increasing your impact and presence.

Patrick Schodts

Patrick Schodts

In order to support a strong vision and bold goals of your company, creating value for your business, procurement needs to re-position itself in a business environment that is changing at a speed never experienced before. We are witnessing the most challenging transformation period mankind has ever known in a business perspective. All buzzword technologies, tools and digital transformation related changes need to be mastered to apply them in any procurement development project you assess. This asks for creative, smart and “savy” experts brought together in an integrated team lead by procurement professionals fitting it all together. We need to develop our project management and people management skills to close the (soft) skills gap that is real today, to achieve the project targets, be it product development, value engineering, co-engineering a re- sourcing initiative or any other procurement project you may plan to develop. Our focus needs to be re-positioned.

My activities to support the procurement community will continue:

- support VIB procurement work group

- support PASCION to host knowledge exchange evenings amongst procurement executives

- active promotion of procurement towards the academic world in cooperation with VIB work group, organizing procurement games for students

- maybe writing a second book....?

The online voting is closed. Make sure to book your seat so you can vote one more time for your favorite candidate at our Procurement Excellence Award 2019!