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De "War on Talent" en de toekomst van onze jobs

Dagvoorzitter: Patrick Schodts, Bestuurslid VIB en FCM Project Procurement Manager, Aurubis


The Circle of Life in Procurement - supported by Pascion

The circle of life in procurement.  Ever changing reality, still people are pascionate about procurement.  We take the time to take a step back on how 3 different profiles at 3 very different moments in their career create value for our function.  How does someone at the start of their career prepare for the challenges we all share, and how can we link that to the tasks ahead for a seasoned CPO?  And how does a hands on Senior procurement manager translate this strategy towards his teams?  Join us for an inspirational session on talent management, value creation and procurement excellence with Bart Smets from Proximus, Geert Bens from Umicore, and Charlotte de Ploey who will share their thoughts and answer your questions.

Geert Bens - VP Purchasing & Transportation, Umicore - Board member Pascion
Bart Smedts - Head of Procurement Technology, Proximus - Procurement Ambassador 2018
Charlotte de Ploey - AMS studente Master Supply Chain


No Jobs - Digitalisatie zal ons geen jobs kosten, maar wel taken veranderen

Zodra we de woorden “digitalisering” en “jobs” in één zin horen, krijgen we het benauwd. Er wordt al eens beweerd dat robots onze jobs zullen overnemen of dat de helft van de huidige jobs zal verdwijnen. Is dat de toekomst die ons te wachten staat? Of zal de technologie ons bevrijden van saaie en repetitieve arbeid en zorgen dat we nuttiger en creatief werk kunnen doen dat meer voldoening oplevert?

Fons Leroy - Managing Director, VDAB

15.15u Koffiepauze

Creating Procurement business value through talented people & digitalization

At Proximus we have the ambition to make a real shift to a truly customer-centric digital company.  During their presentation Karl & Bart will share how Procurement contributes to the Proximus #shifttodigital strategy by aiming at creating maximum business value every day.  The procurement transformation journey at Proximus, based on the right talent in combination with process automation and data analytics, is what this pitch is all about.

Karl Cuveele - CPO, Proximus
Bart Smedts - Head of Procurement Technology, Proximus - Procurement Ambassador 2018


Future of Work

Many procurement organizations are focused solely on the application of technologies to existing process through point solutions. We believe that’s a mistake. Our point of view is that — to fully capture the opportunity — the  questions should be asked and answered in a holistic way for every segment of the workforce:

  • What work is essentially human?
  • Who can do the work?
  • Where should the work be done?

Yves Van Durme - Partner Human Capital, Deloitte
Patrick Vermeulen - Director Sourcing & Procurement, Deloitte

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